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HELLO ! I'm Emtenan ,20 years old ,Saudi ,studying french translation and i like to do , interesting in , love a lots of things , U'll know them by these pages of my tumblr . When U browsing my tumblr , REMEMBER ! You are roaming in my head LOL ! / * I used English because the most used language in the world استمتعوا ! ˚ ˘ ˚➜

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jean paul gaultier's most fantastical fashion shows →

Big girls, small girls, white girls, black girls, boys who dress like girls and girls who dress like boys, celebrities and lookalikes – Jean Paul Gaultier’s catwalk is a multicultural, multisexual realm of enchantment, devoid of discrimination, where everyone is beautiful and anything goes. From collections based completely on Frida Kahlo or Amy Winehouse to those inspired by African Queens or weeping Virgin Mary’s, his themed shows transport you totally, hopelessly into his fascinating world…